This chickie has started her journey to 50.
So here I am contemplating little changes to my life and seeing where it takes me on this journey to 50. I have a few ideas to start, and already started one (on the QT).

Week 1 - Move with purpose.

Like Steve Martin I too have a special purpose, it's just nothing like his. I'm just pretending.

Have you ever noticed that people who are overweight (and I am not being mean here because I do it too) move slower? They tend to walk slowly, their general movements are slower. Not a care in the world. "I'll get to it when I get to it" way of movement. I have that attitude. I kinda like it. However, I've noticed that my general overall movement is much slower than it used to be. I also take up more space than I used to.

On the contrary, people who are thin tend to walk rather quickly. Have you noticed that? Go to the grocery store or mall and look, just don't be creepy about it or you might get in trouble. You'll see what I mean. It's not 100%, but it is pretty darn close.  For instance my husband and daughter are both skinny gluttons. (grrr) and they both move quickly. Except when my husband is sitting with a beer, then he slows down to comatose level (except for his elbow bends). Other than that he is a going concern. My daughter is the same way (not the beer part). Me? Not so much lately.

I'm not a scientist, obviously, but it isn't rocket science to see that more movement in your day adds to more calories burned in your day which over a long time means less weight on your body. Don't change anything but that and you will start to lose some weight. It might be slow, like your old movements, but it will happen over time.

My job is very sedentary. My fingers and right wrist are in very good shape thanks to typing on the computer, but other than that  I could use some work. I started to watch myself - that just sounds silly - but I started noticing that my own movement had slowed to a snails pace. I had taken my peaceful way of living to whole new level.  Even when I walk the dogs I meander. So my first change is to move with purpose. I now have a special purpose!

I act. It's not my sedentary job, THAT one pays the bills. Acting is the doesn't pay me that much job that I have. It's also the job that I like the most. Go figure. Anyways, before I go on stage I tell myself to walk with purpose and energy. It reads better on stage. So, I've decided to act during my day. Since walking with purpose is no longer me I'm taking on a character who is in a hurry to go everywhere. Is that psycho? I thought it may make me feel stressed, but on the contrary it didn't. I had more energy and actually got more done this week. I made myself go up the stairs faster than I would normally do. When I'm in the kitchen cooking, my pace between the stove and the fridge is much quicker. I walk to the car at a brisk pace. I squat down and pick something off the floor, and not use my toes like a monkey. I am just moving quicker. Sometimes I forget, but I definitely noticed a difference. I was never huffing or puffing I just increased my speed. Anyone can do that.

So that is my small change for this week. I will incorporate this change into my daily routine until I no longer have to play a character, and it becomes a part of me.

I'm changing the quote "My journey to 50 begins with a quick step." I like it.

Next week - a friend has suggested meditating. Thank you Wendy! That one is gonna be tough and I wouldn't have thought of it. I'm going to do some research and I'll get back to you on that one. Keep the ideas coming. I love it!


09/17/2011 10:15am

Cayla, once again--FABULOUS! You have wisdom beyond your years, and it is finally cool enough for me to get out and use my hiking poles to build core strength, endurance and kick up the endorphin levels. You express yourself brilliantly, with compassion, simplicity and wisdom. I appreciate you, and your blogs--I am now a FAN!

margot :0)

09/17/2011 11:16am

Goodmorning Cayla

I agree with Margot, this is fabulous!
I love that you're paying attention and not taking your good health for granted.
Little story: I noticed myself 'grunting' on a regular basis this year, like getting up out of a chair, and it started to make me laugh. How old am I? Not nearly old enough to be grunting! I had to pay attention to break that habit and now I'm my proper age again.
So you've inspired me to kick it up a notch.
Keep up the good work and have a great, quick-paced day.



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