Tonight is Spicy Soba Noodle night. I was really looking forward to it. Quick and easy. Yummy. Then I got home. Hubby is in between jobs and has been off for a few weeks. He starts work this weekend (thank God, but don't tell him I said that). He's trying to fill his days with things to do. I keep hinting that working on the garden would be helpful, but he decided to clean the oven. We'll he's not really cleaning it, the oven is cleaning itself. But, I'm sure he felt all proud of himself for pushing the button and turning the handle.

Now it's 7:10 and I still can't access my stove. I shut it off two hours early and I'm waiting for it to cool down and work for me. I'm sorry, did he not think when he put the dang thing on at 5:00 pm with the little timer flashing at 4 hours that maybe just maybe it might cause a problem?

So, I'm blogging. Except I have nothing to say. Actually I do, I always have something to ramble on about.

Here goes the ramble ... I love it when you find something simple, safe and effective. Ladies and Gentlemen - let me introduce you to Chamomile Tea. Here are some things that I use Chamomile Tea for -

  1. Drink it at night - duh
  2. In my bath - great if your skin is irritated, itchy, sun burnt, rashes. (add some ground oatmeal and your skin will be soooooo soft)
  3. On my hair - it lightens my hair naturally. I like that a lot!
  4. For mosquito bites - I discovered that this summer actually. Mosquitoes loved me this year. Put some chamomile tea in a spray bottle. Spray it on the bite and it has something in it that actually numbs the nerve endings (which is one of the reasons it is good for a sunburn too). It would stop the itching, and believe me I had welts this summer from those blood suckers.

I love Chamomile Tea! Especially the hair part. Which reminds me of something funny that I noticed today. I was looking in the mirror and I had this reddish/pink section of hair.   It's quite something! Rather funky. Although I couldn't for the life of me figure out how my hair changed color seemingly overnight. Then it dawned on me - I cut up a beet last night for the salad at dinner (remember the beet from the farmer's market that cost an arm and a leg?). Cut up it looked like a lovely tie dye decoration from the 70's all red with white swirls but it bled like a stuck pig when I sliced it. My hands look like I had murdered something by the time I was done. I must have unwittingly touched my hair to put it behind my ear before washing my hands - and there you have it. Instant funky dye, natural and tastes good too - if you don't mind the hair. I kinda like it. I might do it on purpose one time.

Here's one final thing and it is not about food, well it is in a round about sort of way, but it's more about cleaning.

Here's a link that my sister-out-law sent me - I think it's a great site. Now I should note that I haven't tried all of the ideas here, but none of them can hurt. I will say that I've used it for uses #10, and 9 (which work great by the way) and I will NEVER admit to use #1.

Top 10 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Oh my, the stove can now be used, and I'm hungry. It's only 7:45. I'll be eating by 8:15/8:30. How posh.



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