Wow! It's been a busy few days! Wonderful and busy. Not too busy to type though. I find my blathering rather therapeutic. It's like I get my thoughts out. Out the abyss of cyber space. It's rather peaceful. I highly recommend it. This week my task was to log in at least 10,000 steps per day. I did just that! Except for yesterday - but even God rested one day so I figure I'm OK.

The task wasn't that hard when it came down to it. Mondays are a moving type day for me. A couple of walks with the dog and other types of activity I racked in another 15K that day. My days at clients are a lot more sedentary as was evident to me last week when I wore my Pedometer. So to fix that I make sure that I walk the dogs in the morning before heading off to work - something that they need anyways, and something that I enjoy. I try to be as active as I can at work. Taking the stairs when they are there. Getting up more. Standing while talking on the phone. Silly stuff like that. At home a little after dinner I hop on my Gazelle (again don't laugh). 15 minutes on the Gazelle is all it seems to take and I'm rocking 11K to 12K per day.

This is good. I don't feel overworked or tired. But I have that feeling of oxygen in my lungs. You know that good feeling that you get? I'm not over hungry from working out like a crazy person - something that happens to me. This is very doable!

So I was thinking that the last 10 weeks I have focused my little changes on this Journey to 50 on my lifestyle. They are a lot of changes. None of which are habit yet. It seems like I focus on one and another one, or two or three changes slip behind. But there is improvement in all areas. These are the changes that I have attempted to put into place

  1. Walk with Purpose
  2. Drink 6-8 Glasses of Water per day
  3. Cut the cream from my coffee
  4. Eat slowly
  5. Interval walk when I can. Move in some way at least 6 days a week.
  6. No evening snacks
  7. Portion control
  8. Chew my food more
  9. Wear a Pedometer during November
  10. 10,000 steps per day
I have my personal favorites (not) #6, 7 and 8 come to mind. I read them every day, or try to and I am certainly more conscious. I'm sure eventually they will become habit.

I've been thinking -these changes are all good changes. If I make these 10 changes a real part of my life I will be healthier. My body will definitely be healthier. Granted #9 is not really a change - it's just a thing - but we'll forget about that for now. So what I'm saying is for now, it's time to move on. It's time for something completely different. A change of focus. I know - I'll focus on me! I like that!

I have a little book - not a little black book, my husband made me burn it. But a little book that I bought at Chapters for $2. It is a journal I guess and has a big flower on the cover. My little book is a system that I have used for a number of years, but I have become a little lazy as of late and need to get back on track with it.  My little book keeps me organized and feeling more in control. It's my own system that I started when I found I was forgetting things all the time. As a matter of fact, I thought I had the beginnings of Alzheimer. Not until someone laughed at me and informed me that it was just one of the myriad of symptoms of Mental Pause or the decade long lead up into Mental Pause did I feel relief.  So no, I am not crazy people - it's just hormones. God love 'em.

Here's how my little book saved/saves my life.

_My book has three sections.
  1. To Do
  2. Notes
  3. Groceries/Shopping

It seems pretty self explanatory but I'll explain it anyways. I have sectioned off each portion of the book with these little peel and stick tabs that I can write on. My To Do is the largest section. The Notes section is the smallest (but I think I need to increase it).

1. In my To Do I keep track of my Pedometer steps. My business meetings and deadlines. Phone calls I need to make. Errands I need to run during the day.  Stuff I need to do around the house. Walking the Dog. Gazelle. My Journey to 50 changes (which are starting to take up a lot of room) That sort of stuff. I keep the notes from my business day for billing purposes. It's really an important part of my life. A day timer doesn't do it for me. I need space. I need freedom. Sometimes my To Do's are 1/2 a page. Other times they are two pages long. If something happens of particular note during the day I'll write it down to be transferred to a different section (either my desk calendar, or blackberry or whatever) later in the day.

2. My Notes section is the coolest section of them all. I am finding this section to be so helpful. I have notes in there from last Christmas. Things like "Cayla DON'T BUY ANY TREE ORNAMENTS! YOU HAVE TOO MANY!", to Warde put the Christmas decorations away last year - you had better start looking for them early 'cause you have no idea where anything is. I also have - "Buy a new Trifle bowl - you need one" and "The Green Bean recipe in the Christmas folder is awesome. Make it again." Do you have any idea how handy that is? You think you'll remember but you don't. It's like Oh yeah! That's right!

I also write stuff I want to do at some point. There are things that I'll see or want to do that happen once a year and I'll have missed it for one reason or another. I write it down and I'm ready for it the next year!

I put ideas for gifts - which is helpful during the year when you see something or hear a loved one say "I need a new ______". I write down ideas for parties - My Julie/Julia party came from that book. Songs I want to learn. Ideas for writing songs. Books I want to read. I write down things I want to do around the house, paint the bedroom. Paint the office. That slugs don't eat geraniums. That putting flowers in the stump worked really well - do it again. My personal goals. My Journey to 50 changes. The mileage of my car at the beginning of the year (a handy piece of information for tax purposes).

I put in information regarding my clients (that only I can understand) so that I have it when I need to access it.  The list goes on and on and on ... sort of like me. Needless to say, I love my Notes section. It is the best.

3. The Grocery/Shopping - OK this is as boring as it sounds. But, when I am running out of something I jot it in here. If I need to pick up a couple of items I just look at my list and there it all is. It's boring but useful.

So my 11th change is -

_This cat is back on track and organized

I pledge to start each day more organized. Morning coffee and a To Do list it is for me. I will go over my goals each morning. My journey to 50 list. My list of things I want to do with the house. My personal goals. Keep them all fresh and in my mind.

Have a good week everyone and I'll let you know how it goes.



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