Week 2 of my journey to 50 is nearing a close. 39 weeks to go. 39 more changes. Can I even come up with that many? That remains to be seen. You're gonna have to help me out. I mean really. I'm not that creative. And to prove that, here is my change for next week. Drum roll please - no cream in my coffee.

Week 3 - Creamless

I have been drinking cream in my morning cup of joe since Jesus was in diapers. I enjoy it. It was my one perk. So why stop? Well, this week I ran out of cream. I was actually grumpy the night before. There was no money left in the budget (still budgeting) and now I was going to have to drink my coffee black. Hrmph!

The next morning I made the coffee and took the dogs to the beach. Note: I am very lucky to live on ocean front and try to start every morning soaking up nature, drinking coffee and letting the dogs run around. It's a great way to start any day. So there I was with my travel mug of black coffee and the ocean. I took a sip. Shock registered as it passed my lips and over my tongue and down the gullet. It was good. It was actually rather good. Have I matured? Nah, I doubt it. But it really wasn't that bad. It got me to thinking ....

One of my favorite songs that I sing is "Black Coffee". It only makes sense. I go through one container of organic cream per week. That's got to be a chunk of calories. Week 1's change is to move with purpose. I have to be burning at least 50 more calories per day with that change alone. Put those two changes together and I could lose a pound in like a month! Chuckle, chuckle. But it's true. Another perk of giving up the cream? It saves me about $10 per month. That's $120 per year in cream alone. When I think of it that way it just seems ridiculous to spend that much on my morning coffee. Just think, if I put that $10 into my savings account I'll have enough to go to Mexico for a week by the time I'm 60!

Anyways - all silliness aside. That is my change. It's not going to be difficult as there is no cream in the fridge. I can whine, complain and stomp my feet. It won't magically appear. So this change is rather simple to follow through with. But that's good it gives me a chance to hopefully solidify Week 1 and 2 goals to more of a habit.

Week 1 - Move with purpose update - I still have to think of this one. It's a difficult habit to break. I will still find myself acting sloth like. But there is definite improvement. I have become more inefficient with my movements. I'll bring in two bags of groceries instead of 6 so that I have to make extra trips. I bend down to start up my desktop computer instead of using my big toe. I don't streamline making the bed. I clean the house as if people are coming over in 30 minutes. I try to act like I'm late for something when I'm wandering about. I park far away at the grocery store and hoof it around. I take the dogs for a brisk walk. I try to remember to quickly go up and down the stairs.  I don't wait for my husband to let the cats in. I get up and get them myself. These are positive changes.

Week 2 - Increase water intake - This has been surprisingly easy. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning and then giving myself a deadline to have my water bottle (4 glasses) finished - end of the work day - and then water with dinner has been a snap for me to do. I'm usually drinking 2 glasses of water with dinner. My water bottle is being finished earlier and earlier in the day.  I'm having some water in the evening too. I'm probably more like 8-10 glasses of water per day. So, what differences have I noticed? I got a lovely zit on my face. That made me particularly happy. Cause every 49 year old should have a zit on their face. It makes them look younger. My ankles have gone down a bit, I can see the ankle bone. But I'm still retaining water. My shins leave a large indent when you press on them. There must be another culprit. Will have to look into that.

So there you have it. Onwards and upwards. Two weeks down. Thirty-nine to go.


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