The Charlie Brown Tree. It's quirky like me!
_I love Christmas.

It's a time of family, love, giving and peace. I love what it represents. I love what it brings out in people. I love the decorations and the festivities. 

This year we chopped down our own tree. Our Charlie Brown tree. I love it!

I love bringing out all of my sappy Christmas albums. I love baking shortbread with my daughter. Shopping for the perfect gift. Filling the Stockings. Decorating the tree. My awesome Turkey. My mom's puke green jellied salad that I make every year. Eggnog. Singing in the choir. New pajamas and "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas eve. I love Christmas!

Here's what I don't love. Black Friday. Commercialism. Over buying of toys and gifts. Advertisements of Cars and big ticket items as Christmas gifts. Christmas decorations in October. Stop already.

There is however, a more disturbing trend that irks me to no end. The trend has been around for a while and is growing. Political correctness. "Happy Holidays". "Merry Xmas".  Holiday trees. Stores not putting up any Christmas decorations at all. Personally I'm sick and tired political correctness.

I have news for all of you. Christmas is a religious holiday. It is. Whether you believe or not. Whether you like it or not. It is. Why so offended by that? The original story of Christmas is beautiful. It is celebrated all over the world. Christmas is about hope, peace, love, and giving. All wonderful things. It brings out the best in people. Why squash that? Why take Christmas from those who do believe? How dare we? How awful of us to even think that we should. If you are offended by someone saying "Merry Christmas" to you, whether you are Jewish, Muslim or an Atheist, you need to get over yourself. Period.

I do not get offended when someone says "Happy Hanukkah" to me. Why would I? In fact I feel honoured to be included in something so important to the Jewish faith. I don't get disgruntled at Chinese New Year. I say "Gun Hay Fat Choy" and eat Chinese food and sometimes go to China Town to watch the festivities. And I don't have a drop of Asian blood in me. Really I don't. I am impressed by those from Iran who honour Ramadan and fast for a month. That's an impressive feat if you ask me, I can't seem to go more than a couple of hours without food and water.

Then why oh why has "Merry Christmas" become so Taboo?

I realize there are a lot of 'Christian' idiots out there. The Teletubbies are not gay. Morons like Terry Jones burning the Koran. Some Christians preach hate, legalism and are an embarrassment to anyone who is 'normal'. They can be anti-drink, anti-makeup, anti-movie, anti-Halloween. They are fire and brimstone. Dance with snakes. The Bible thumpers. You know the ones? The ones who if you're talking about a turkey dinner turn it into a Christian statement somehow or other. Who's Facebook status, that if you read them every day you'll have read the entire bible in a year. Remember Jimmy Swaggart? Pat Robertson can make me cringe with some of the stupid stuff he says. Honestly, the man needs an edit button. And Jim Baker? Ha. He was the butt end of jokes for years. He's still on the air you know. Selling something or other to help us all through Armageddon. Christianity is full of stuff like that. That said, there are also Jewish zealots, and certainly Muslim zealots. I am not fond of what China stands for. Are you? And I've heard some mean spirited, rigid Atheists in my life time. Oh on a related note, since I'm ranting, I have to point that "Atheists" have a belief. Their non-belief is a 'belief' and they can be just as pushy and preachy as a Jehovah Witness on your doorstep. That I've witnessed first hand.

But I digress. What I am trying to say is there are idiots everywhere. In every culture. In every city. In every country. In every religion. In every 'non' religion. The world is chalk full of morons.

Back to the subject at hand, why has "Merry Christmas" become so Taboo? I allow everyone their freedom of speech. I allow other cultures and religions their time. Why are we as a culture not allowing Christians theirs? We have no right to cut them down. This is an important time of the year for them and we slap them in the face, undeservedly so, every time we say "Happy Holidays" and my personal favorite "Merry Xmas". Who do we think we are? Why is it that we protect everyone else but Christians are fair game to persecute. And yes, we in North America persecute them. We shut them down continually. Now, like I said there are a lot of idiots out there. They are fair game. But just as we should not hate every Arab because of 9/11. We shouldn't hate every Christian because of religious baboon like Terry Jones. My apologies to baboons.
_Why oh why are we wanting to squash something that is so beautiful in its roots in the first place? Zealots and religious fanatics aside, the Christmas story is beautiful. It should be told.

Here is something radical - it should be told to our kids. I mean It is a part of our culture as Canadians and as Americans. To those of you who say, "What? I'm not telling my kids a lie." Well, first off it's not a lie. Jesus was a real person. Second, it is the true meaning of Christmas and the root of why we celebrate. Third, you don't seem to have a problem telling them that Santa Claus is real. And fourth, our Country/s was birthed with this. It is a part of who we are as a Nation. Like it or no. It is.

I will not have my culture taken from me. We have so little. I will fight for that freedom tooth and nail. So please. Do not say Happy Holidays to me. Do not say Merry Xmas to me. That offends me. A normal (or semi normal) person.

And to all of you during this beautiful time of year - Merry Christmas and to all a good night, or good morning or - well you know what I mean.