"Contentment consists not in adding more fuel, but in taking away some fire" - Thomas Fuller

Life can be interesting. Now that is an understatement isn't it?

I've had a discovery over the past week or so. It took me a while to figure out what it was, I'm rather slow that way. But I am feeling more content. The feeling hasn't left. Through minor family issues, hormonal upheavals and work stresses there has been one constant - a feeling of contentment. A feeling of peace.

I've been trying to figure out why all of a sudden this sense of peace and contentment. Nothing on the outward has changed. Life is still basically the same. My husband still can drive me crazy. The workload is the same. What is it? Then it dawned on me. Since writing this blog to the possibly two readers out there (thank you to both of you), I have made changes in my life. Simple changes and I've focused on little things at a time. I am a better steward of my money, thanks to food budgeting and planning my meals each week. And now with this 9 month challenge I am slowly making changes to my personal self. One tiny change at a time. Not everything at once. But one thing at a time. Which means that I can ease up on myself a lot. I only have to focus on those few things. Walking with purpose. Drinking my water. No cream in my coffee. Eating Slowly. That's it. The rest doesn't matter. And I feel content. What a glorious feeling! I'm making positive changes to me so I'm not wallowing in my normal pit of guilt that I should do something about it. I am. I can handle the changes because they are simple and not time consuming. Contentment. How surprising. It's a surprising outcome like the sense of freedom I got from budgeting our food purchases. I like it.

I just wanted to share it with the two of you.


10/06/2011 6:19pm

That's amazing... what a fabulous accomplishment!
I'm really proud of you for trying all these 'little' things to improve your life. Who knows what other side effects this might have.
I'll stayed tuned.

10/06/2011 6:35pm

Wendy, You are one of my two readers! I love you! Wouldn't losing some lard be a wonderful side effect? Fingers crossed. :)


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