_This is what happens when I take the day off and play. I found an online writing course and was asked to write 20 words about something that was important to me, or an idea. So I did. Then I was asked to put those words into a poem. I wanted to start with "There once was a girl from Nantucket", but restrained myself. This is what came out.

My Journey To Fifty

We each have a road and we walk it alone.
It’s a journey only death can sojourn.
Man’s perception is simple, the more aged we are,
our health and our value take turn.

Youth is fleeting. How life swiftly passes.
Like time elapsed photos I’ve seen.
Yet our dreams stay in tact, lost behind the wrinkles
and eyes that state what might have been.

__I am on that road; on a path bound for fifty.
“How old.” is the thought come to mind.
Yet inside I am twenty with a life full of promise
and dreams of many a kind.

I hang on to the saying “You are never too old
to become who you wanted to be.”
And recite this phrase as I walk down my road
kicking fences that create my boundary.

I want to lose weight before I am fifty.
And I yearn for that elusive breakthrough.
It will take discipline to win the battle
of my love/hate connection with food.

More importantly I want to grow as a person,
a lover and as a friend.
Be an example to my children and never give up
on my dreams or passions and then

Live my life to its fullest. With belly laughter and tears
not letting fear dictate which way I may choose.
I want to cannon ball into my next pool of years,
with anticipation and nary an excuse.

And when I reach the sign post that proclaims my next decade
with my new retro swimsuit in sight
I’ll relish my success, celebrate the moment
and look forward to dancing all night.

Cayla Brooke
January 2012



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