I'm like Old Mother Hubbard, except its not my cupboard its my fridge. I am here to tell you that my fridge is bare. It's so bare I can list it's contents. Organic Eggs, Beef roast for tomorrow, 2-3 slices of natural ham, left over spaghetti from last night, Broccoli, Organic Celery (part of the dirty dozen), about 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1 tub of margarine that I'm too cheap to throw out, 1/2 cup organic milk, 1/4 cup of organic half 'n half for my coffee, natural peanut butter, natural jam and condiments. I should take this opportunity to clean my fridge.... ah nope ... too lazy. On my counter I have some apples and one banana in the fruit bowl. And the pantry has stuff in it ... I dunno what. I have to look ... later.

How are we to eat for the next two days you may ask? We will be having a chick pea curry for dinner using cans from the pantry (tastes better than it sounds), brown rice, frozen green beans and leftover naan bread made earlier this week and then frozen. Sunday dinner will be Roast beef, roasted organic potatoes (in the pantry), broccoli and homemade gravy. Dessert will be apple/blackberry crisp. We're covered. I have a fair bit of broccoli so I may make some broccoli soup for a lunch today. Then my fridge will really be bare.

I am also happy to report that I have not gone over budget this week. Our family ate (extremely well I might add) for $150 this week. I even have $1.06 left over. What is odd is it felt rather freeing to be so restrained. Isn't that weird? I guess its because getting groceries (something I used to do every couple of days) was now off my to do list. I didn't have to go to the grocery store - I had already spent my budget for the week, and the meals were planned. I was done. I was able to drive past the grocery store without guilt and that was in itself freeing.

Yesterday I went to the Grocery store with my $10 remaining and bought $3 worth of coffee, Organic eggs on sale for $5 and some more oatmeal to get us through breakfast the next few days. I would never do something like that (buying just a bit of coffee and oatmeal) if not on this challenge - but I was not about to go without my morning coffee - it ain't pretty.

This coming week is going to be more of a challenge. This weekend I will take stock of my pantry and anything that is left in my freezer and then look through recipes. I'll let you know what I come up with. Here's where it gets interesting (for me anyways).

Once again, the challenge is:

I will cook only -
  • Preservative free Food
  • Real food - no packages
I will purchase only -
  • Organic of the (dirty dozen) fruits and veggies
  • Locally grown produce whenever possible
  • Naturally raised and grain fed meats and poultry whenever financially possible
  • Free range eggs
  • Organic dairy when financially possible
I will do this and feed my family of three with an added hungry and tall boyfriend every once in a while, including Sunday dinner, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, beverages and desserts for $150.00 per week. If we go out to eat it is included in the $150 budget.

I've added another recipe for you to try if you like. Only those who make it to the bottom of the this blog page get to see it - see what you get for your perseverance? Simply click on the picture for the recipe.
Spicy Soba Noodles - Click on picture for recipe.


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