I've got another one for you folks. It's up there on the cheap factor. It rivals bathing in your compost bin, but less messy. It's free. Well, it will cost you $.50 at first, but that's about it.

I saw this latest thing on Pinterest. Actually, it is one of the few things that I have looked at on Pinterest. Not because I don't like Pinterest. I do. I could probably sift through it for hours which is the precise reason I have not delved into it to any excess. I can easily see it sucking up even more of my time and then I'll turn into a teenager except instead of texting I'll have a keyboard attached to me at all times. Nope don't wanna go there...yet

At any rate, I saw this next tip on Pinterest and loved it as soon as I saw it. It doth make my cheap little heart go pitter patter. Even my daughter thinks it's cool. It's green onions or as fancy people call them Scallions.

Actually when I think about it Scallions is a much better name. It sounds sinister, or secretive or at minimum male horses wearing scarves, but I digress. Let's talk about growing Scallions shall we?

I don't have a green thumb. Not at all. Both of my parent did, but the gene did not make it over to me. I am attempting again this year with some seeds, we'll see how that turns out. But Scallions I can do! And if I can, trust me so can you.

I purchase green onions, as I"m sure we all do, for a recipe or possibly a salad. They sit in the bottom of the crisper and eventually, when not used, and usually within a week begin to shrivel and then turn into that slimy mess at the bottom of the drawer. Rather gross actually. You pick it up and part of it drips back down to the drawer daring you to pick it up, which of course you can't. It's slimy, slippery and stinks. I don't like spending 50 cents on half a dozen of those damn things when I only need one or two. What to do?

My happy, recently harvested green onions. They started out as ends only.
This is brilliant I tell you! Next time you have some scallions don't throw out white ends. No! Get a glass and put the ends in the glass. I use an 8 oz glass and it works perfect. There's enough room for two groups of scallions in my glass and gives me a variety of growth options. Put some water in the glass and then put the glass on a window sill. That's it. No green thumb needed. In a couple of days you'll see them starting to grow. Really. It's amazing. In a week or two you'll be looking for something to make with the green onions - I'd suggest something Asian. You'll never have to buy green onions again. And best of all, they don't go slimy. No waste!

It really is amazing. I'm looking at my green onions, most of which were chopped down for last nights dinner (thank you daughter for making the delicious dinner by the way). But not to worry, soon they'll be green and tall once again.

Just think of the money I'll save. At $.50 per week that's an annual savings of $26. OK, so it's nothing to get too excited about, but it's a night out at the movies, or a nice bottle of wine. Or just the fact that I'll never have to clean them out of my crisper again has value.

So save a Scallion! Put it in water! You'll be glad you did!


04/11/2012 6:08pm

Brilliant! Once again, I love it. I've planted mine in the ground during the summer, but this is great for winter too. Will give it a try this week.


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