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Frustration abounds right now. I have not seen a grain nor eaten a slice of bread since since December 25th. I haven't had a piece of fruit since then either. I have eaten eggs, meat, vegetables, 15 pistachios per day, dark chocolate 3 pieces (until my Christmas bars were gone), once slice of cheese per day (pre cut) olive and coconut oil. I had two glasses of red wine on New Years Eve and a gin last night because my husband brought it to me and said "For crying out loud it's not going to kill you - enjoy your drink!" So I did. And it was good.

I've been 'exercising'. I started with dancing with the Wii - much fun with my daughter. Then I bought Jillian Michael's 30 day shred - That's what I wanted to do right? OMG! That is one tough work out! I mean it's like boot camp all over again, but in 20 minutes. I thought I would get it and be on level 3 in no time. Ha! I don't dare move on to level 2. But I feel good after. She is hard hitting, no excuses, get your butt in gear and work. I like that. It's the first tape that I feel like I have a personal trainer telling me to move it! And when you feel like packing it in she says "Don't you dare. Keep going. It's not for free!" So, I have to admit - I kinda like exercising with her. Here's the thing ...

I haven't lost a pound. Well I did and gained it back. Argh. That red dress is looming and what the hell am I going to do?

I'm figuring my body likes this plump weight. I've plateaued before I even started. So I'm going to do a soup thing for three days. Three days only. It's a healthy soup and nothing too drastic. It has meat and vegetables in it. Just certain types of vegetables to help cleanse the body. I'll eat some protein for breakfast and then the soup for lunch and dinner for three days. Then I'll go back low carb until the show. Let's see if that makes a difference. I have two weeks until the first show and another week until the next show.

I don't think two weeks is enough time. Oh lord. My chest just got tight.



01/10/2012 8:44pm

Hey Cayla.
Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? Stop working out! and enjoy your soup! Too many !!! ?
Sometimes I think stress will keep holding onto the exact thing you want to let go.
You can get into that fabulous red dress, just relax, love what you're eating and take the dog for a walk. All will be fine (deep breath).
You are really fabulous.
I feel better... call if you need a good pep talk.


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