My husband works with race horses. That's one of the many things that attracted me to him. He also has a wry sense of humour, another thing that attracted me to him. He often tells me that if I were a racehorse they'd have to take me out back and shoot me, or at least put me to pasture. Apparently my gait, isn't up to standards. Pffft. I say to that.

One thing I am good at is eatin'. I'm real good at eatin'. And fast too! I may not be a racehorse, but when it comes to eating I'm a Triple Crown winner. Actually we all are. I can slave away at a dinner, set the table nicely, light the candles and put out the fine china. Then we sit down look at each other and dig in. Stainless steel scraping china, forks are shoveling, mouths are bulging like squirrels storing for the winter and nary a word is spoken. All that can be heard is grunts of approval, slurps and smacking lips. No burps. That's rude.

I was thinking about it. I go to all this work to prepare great food for my family and I don't even bother to stop and taste it. I swear dinner takes us 5 minutes max. We're masters at the art of shoveling down our gullets past the speed of sound. Sounds like a good challenge to me.

Week 4 - Don't eat like a lunatic

I've heard about this my whole life, but never paid attention to it. But, now that I'm making these small changes in my life, this seems like a good one to do. There's science behind it too. It apparently takes 20 minutes for your body to register that its full. Twenty minutes? Ha! I'd have to eat dinner a crumb at a time, or eat my meals with chopsticks. it makes sense though. If I stop and actually taste what I've prepared, I may enjoy it even more. Slow down and I may end up eating less. At the very least I'll look more like a lady and less like a trucker.

I have to say though, unlike last week's challenge, (no cream in my coffee) this challenge is going to be ... well ... a challenge. I have been eating this way for at least 47 years. I'm not sure why. It probably has something to do with being the youngest and having to eat quickly before someone else took the food of my plate and ate it themselves. Usually my mom. But meal time shouldn't be a race. It should be enjoyed. I at my breakfast slower this morning. I was still done pretty quickly, but I noticed the salt on the fried potatoes, and their crispiness. They tasted really good. I had fried an egg and put it on a slice of toast that had been topped with some spinach, a tomato slice and Parmesan cheese shavings. When I slowed down I could taste the bite of the Parmesan cheese, and the creaminess of the yolk. It was a rather tasty breakfast. It sounds promising. I love food. Just think how much I'll love it if I actually taste it. What a novel idea.

So that's it. I will try very hard not to eat like a lunatic.

Updates on prior challenges. Walking with purpose is still not a habit. I keep catching myself moving slowly. But as soon as I do, I pick up the pace. I'm sure it will become habit one day. Won't it? The drinking water is going just fine. Thigh ankle ratio update. I read online that one of the causes of swollen legs and water retention was from being in a seated position for a number of hours, causing a lack of circulation. I knew as soon as I read it that that was what was happening with me. So, while working during the day, I challenged myself to get up and walk around for a few seconds on every even hour. It worked like a charm. Within two days my ankles were back to normal. ***happy dance***

No cream in my coffee went just fine. But you should know there is cream in my fridge. I'm making some mushroom soup this week and the recipe called for cream. I did my week three challenge with it sitting right there. Didn't break down once.

There you have it. You are all officially up-to-date. Four challenges down, thirty-eight to go. 


10/04/2011 3:38pm

Oooh, another good one.
I eat pretty slowly myself but every once in a while I'm scarfing down something really good. Just when slowing down would be the best idea, to enjoy every last bit.
Glad to hear you figured out the crazy ankles too.
Love your enthusiasm!


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