I'm drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. My eyeballs are floating. Each day I pray I don't sneeze and refuse to do anything which requires exertion or hopping. Like the CIA agent, I enter a room and instantly know where the exits are for my route of escape, except in my case I know exactly where the washroom is.

Actually, I'm exaggerating. It hasn't been that bad at all so far. Mind you it's only day three.

I will tell you what I am finding that's interesting. If you've read earlier posts I said repeatedly that being on the food budget was actually freeing. There was freedom in restraint. I have found yet another freedom. The freedom of one thing, or in this case two things. As you may or may not be aware, I am making little changes in my life that hopefully will add up to big changes over a period of time. In my case the period of time is nine months (which funny enough officially starts tomorrow) until I turn f-f-f-f-fifty. So the first change was moving with purpose or in layman's terms carrying on like a crazy women who is late for everything (which really isn't that far from the truth). The second change was to increase my water intake to 6-8 glasses per day. Now for the freeing part. One day this week I stared to feel guilty for not doing something (you know that feeling? I should of had a salad for lunch, or I should have walked more or ... the list goes on and on). Well, when this feeling came over me a little thought went through my head that said "Actually, no. I don't have to do that. I only have to walk with purpose and drink copious amounts of water." That's it. That knowledge gave me this amazing sense of relief. I only had to concentrate on those two things. Easy. Week 36 when I am listing off 36 things as in a twisted version of 12 days of Christmas, it might be a little different. But I'm hoping by then walking like a crazy broad in a hurry is just part of my general make-up. as well as the knowledge of all the best bathrooms within a 50 mile radius.

I can tell you one funny incident that happened with me this week whilst impersonating the Tasmanian Devil - I was grocery shopping (still budgeting folks) and grabbing my last few items at my main grocery store. I was trying to do things as quickly as possible (walking with purpose) and to get home so that I could finally relax. I zoomed over to the cashier and started to unload my items. After unloading about half of the basket the young cashier guy gave me the "dumb blonde" look. When I screwed up my face as if to say "what?" his eyes gradually slid up to the lit sign above the till and then his look turned into that teenager perfected eye roll. Express 15 items. Oops. Save on Foods and their customer service. Gotta love 'em. He looked at me like I was a complete idiot. We had yet to say one word to each other and yet we had had an entire conversation with looks, glances, eye rolls and smirks. I wanted to slap him. I said to him. "Your look to me was priceless. I didn't realize I was in the express lane. I'll put everything back in my basket." I start reloading the buggy and he sighs a deep heavy sigh. He decides to grace me with his good deed for the decade and allow my 30 items to be pushed through. Understanding that there is no one behind me in the lineup and no one would show up during the entire ordeal. Of course the young stud doesn't know how to pack more than 2 items in a bag as he is an express boy and goes through my 5 cloth bags with only 10 items. I'm now packing my own groceries as penance for my sin.

So, note to self. It's ok to run around and with purpose, but while in grocery store stop and look before going to cashier.

Anyways, that's my update for now.

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