Well boys and girls it's week three. Week three means no meat left in the freezer. Week three means I'm into the cans of black beans. Week three means...work.

Last week went rather well. I spent $143, which gave me some extra for this week. Woo Hoo! Seriously. Woo Hoo!

My husband is really enjoying have so many meals prepared for him. Who wouldn't? My daughter still strays from the straight and narrow, but not at home - she wouldn't dare. She comes home and tells me about how crappy she feels when she doesn't eat properly, but somehow that doesn't stop her from loading up on junk. But, maybe, just maybe her little grey cells are picking up her whacko mom's way of eating. One can hope.

Living on a budget takes time. It takes preparation. It takes energy. This weekend is hot, though I'm not complaining - I  don't think I've dried out from our torrential July. But heat can zap energy. Add to that having company (which was great - and I stayed within budget which was greater), and meeting up with friends yesterday for an outing which was equally awesome. I am now cramming everything into one day. But I did it. I've planned my meals, shopped, spent all my money and now it all sits on my dining room table waiting for me to put it away. I don't want to put it away. I want people to put it away. Other people. But they are not here. Its just me. And its hot. I wonder if you can train a dog to put away groceries. He couldn't be any worse than my husband. So I'm blogging and it sits....waiting.

Here's how everything worked out this time.

Farmer's market:    $ 32.00
Persian Meat Shop  $ 24.37
Persian Market        $  7.57
Save on Foods        $ 87.98

Total                     $151.92

So I spent an extra $1.92.  Beat me with a wet soba noodle. I dipped into my savings from last week to pay for it. I didn't have to. I bought a package of barley and a package of lentils from the Persian Meat Shop. If I had bought only a cup of each in the bulk bin I would have again been under budget. I was OK with the overage of $2.

At the Farmer's market I bought a lot of local produce that was marked pesticide free, but not certified organic. I am in a quandary here. It's local produce which is great. More nutrients and fresh. It's labelled pesticide free. Which is great. But, and its a very big but, I have to trust them, which is not so great. The organic produce at the farmer's market is priced out of existence, remember the $2.50 bulb of garlic? If I buy organic at my local supermarket, I'm purchasing an organic pear from Argentina, which I also hate. I mean really. What is the point? Why the local super market does not have local organic produce is beyond me. It is something that I think is worth writing a letter about. Or maybe starting a Facebook page. Hmmm ... how can I stir up some trouble? Ideas anyone?

I am loving my Persian meat shop and market by the way. The prices are great. The meat is awesome. Such a find! I hope some of you can search out an ethnic market in your area. They are awesome!

With my $152 I was able to buy meat (including a lovely Sunday Roast - not to be confused with the Thursday Roast), organic potatoes (must have hidden gold inside they're so pricy) organic milk, butter and organic plain yogurt. I spent every penny, so no more trips to the store for me this week. Ah Bliss. Let's hope I didn't miss anything. Ahhh, not so bliss.

Here's the menu for this week! I'm in a curry sort of mood apparently. Yummo!


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