My handy dandy garlic chopper thingy.
I love garlic. I think I'm part Italian and no one is telling me. It tastes great in almost everything, except for possibly ice cream, although I haven't tried that.

For years I smashed garlic, minced and minced and smelled like a vampire hunter. I'd have garlic presses break in my hand while I was pressing. I ended up avoiding garlic like the Count. Garlic became my nemesis.

Then I found my garlic chopper thingy. I fell in love again. I mean look at it. It's so cute and green.

Best of all it makes my life easier. Always a plus. No minced fingers in the minced garlic is an even a bigger plus.

I know what you're thinking. I've run out of things to say. My $150 food budget has made me lose my mind and now I'm rambling on about a garlic. Trust me - (a) I have lots to say, I'm just scared you'll think I'm nuts. Or maybe I'll finally realize I'm nuts. and (b) this thing is awesome! You're dying to know how it works right?

Load the peeled garlic.

Give the garlic a quick smash with your knife blade to loosen the peel and then place the peeled garlic in the cute green handy dandy garlic chopper thingy.

Perfectly minced garlic.
Twist like Chubby Checker for a few seconds and voila! Perfectly minced garlic.

Oh the love. Oh the joy. Oh the bliss. Scrape it into the pan and you're on your way.

Throw it in the dishwasher or clean by hand. That's all there is to it.

Now you gotta love that don't you? I want to give one to my daughter for Christmas in her stocking. Do you think she'll like it?

Seriously, if you see one in the store, get it! Mama Mia! It's totally worth it.


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