It WAS elementary.  Like the old bumper sticker "I found it" ... I think. I found the main culprit of the 'blossoming'. The main cause of my general girth. Especially in the winter months. It is ... drum roll please ... movement or lack thereof.

Now for those of you who actually read my posts you will know that step number one on my Journey to 50 was and still is "move with purpose". I have been doing that for the most part. I still have to remind myself, but there is definite improvement. As a matter of fact, I have been pretty good lately with all of my small changes. I have been noticeably eating slower. Consuming Smaller portions ... sort of. Drinking my water. etc. But still. With the recent time change I am more aware this year than other years at how much the clock change has affected my lifestyle. Suddenly taking the dogs out for a quick walk when I got home from work stopped. It was too dark to go outside. The darkness brought with it inactivity. Sloth like inactivity. Let the blossoming begin.

So last week even though I wrote about chocolate (a particular favorite post of mine), I decided that my change for the week would be to wear a pedometer for the month of November. This way I could see just what was happening throughout the month. I knew that I would more than likely get competitive with myself and the darn numbers, but I wanted to get an accurate reading of what my typical days were like.

It went something like this.

_Monday - I typically work from home. I took the dogs for a couple of walks. I purposefully moved around more. Every time there was recycling to put away, I wouldn't be typical and let it pile up - I ran it downstairs and put it in the box. I worked a regular day, but was more conscientious of my movements. I had a rehearsal in the evening and parked farther away and walked more. I racked up over 15,000 steps that day. Easy Schmeezy I thought. That was no work at all - just a regular day. I felt great about it all. Silly girl.

Tuesday - I woke up and took the dogs for a walk in the morning. I worked at an office that has stairs and other employees. I used the stairs a few times. Walked to others in the office when I needed to talk to them. Was more active. I had to pick up something for the dogs at the store so I parked far away and added as many new steps as possible. It was too dark to walk when I got home. But, tThat evening I moved about as much as possible. Getting up off my duff to get stuff. Not being a slug. I logged 7500 steps. Half of what I did the day prior. Hmmm.

Wednesday - I took the dogs for the morning walk and walked a bit further than I normally do. I had 6,000 steps done before I went  to my next client. At this particular client's I typically work on my own. I'm on my butt all day. By the time I got home I had a further 500 steps. What? 500 steps. Lord have mercy. Fortunately my daughter and I played Michael Jackson Wii (which was so much fun btw) and I was able to get the pedometer up to 8600. Still not even close to Monday's numbers.

_Thursday - I had an early morning meeting and couldn't walk the dogs. Somehow I managed 6,000 steps, but I'm not sure what I did. I inhaled some bleach fumes at this particular client's and I'm not sure what I've done since that day. I've been incoherent and ill ever since - but that's another blog post.

Friday - I was ill all day from the bleach fumes, but I did take the dogs for a walk at some point. I managed 6100 steps.

Saturday - today so far 700 steps and its noon. Still ill from the fumes. It's so sad.

_So that's it. It's been really eye opening for me. I am terribly sedentary even with the added movement of walking with purpose. Walking every morning is not cutting it. The lack of movement involved with my job is taking its toll. The standard is 10,000 steps per day to be considered moderately active. Remember I am not going for athlete here. I'm going for healthy and doable in the long term. I'm not even coming close. Herein lies the problem. Identifying the problem is half the solution is it not? So what to do? I can't change jobs at this point. I'm already adding incidental movement into my life and can up that to an extent, but clearly I need to do more.

_Change #10 - 10,000 steps or more per day

I'm guessing that since I can't take an evening walk for now, I'm going to have to Gazelle or dance away or something similar in the evenings and keep my movements up to 10,000+ steps per day.

I just need to start feeling better first. I'll give myself a couple more days rest to get rid of these toxins and start again on Monday. Until then ....



Dan Lodovica
11/12/2011 6:14pm

Enjoyed reading all 600+ words without taking a step! Thanks for writing, Cayla.


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