_Every journey has a rest stop. Doesn't it? Mine just did.

I haven't forgotten about my journey to 50 - trust me it's been on my mind a lot. And I certainly haven't forgotten about my two loyal readers. Are you still out there?

December 2011 was an interesting month for me. To be honest it's a blur.

I have been bragging for a while now that I haven't been sick in years. I haven't. That is until December 2011. I start to get sick like everyone else. I catch a cold or flu with all the rest of the population. The only thing is it doesn't take. I can usually fight it off. You see I have my secret weapon Ginger Tea. I make it by simmering fresh ginger in a small pot of water for about 20 minutes. I drink this mixture all day. Sometimes adding lemon, honey and or cayenne to the mix. I take hot baths to raise my internal temperature and rest for a day or two then take it easy for a couple more. When I do this I  fight off whatever is in my system and voila my record of not being sick in years. That is until this December.

I came down with H3N2 as it was later diagnosed. My body started to fight it off as it usually does. I was even feeling a little cocky about it all - ready to blog about my blessed Ginger Tea. Unfortunately I became ill the week that I had to sing 6 of 7 days. Performing takes a lot out of you physically. Doing a performance on stage is like doing physical labour for an entire day. I tend to be ravenous, exhausted and wired at the end of a show. Trust me, it's not something you want to do while sick. There's a code amongst performers though. The audience doesn't care if you're sick, having a fight with your husband, or just lost your dog. They came to see you perform and perform you must and perform I did. I always love to perform. After all it is my passion. Performing is not work for me. It's not like a job. When I get paid for it I go 'woo hoo! You want to pay me too?' Not this time though. This time was hard to do. This time I felt like I was pulling something from my toes. I performed with a fever. I performed with 'man voice'. I did my best under the circumstance. And I wouldn't change it at all. But I paid for it.

In order for my ginger tea to work the body must rest. I didn't. I couldn't given the circumstances. And then when it was all said and done it was Christmas time. There was shopping to do. Presents to wrap. Projects to complete. There were client deadlines that needed to be finished. I simply couldn't rest. So I kept going. And that's why December is a blur. I was sick for almost the entire month. Boo hoo and lets have a pity party.

The first thing to go was the blog. The second thing to go (about two seconds later) was all of my little changes. And I'm talking every one. I ate poorly. Had no energy to do anything including cook properly, take the dogs for a walk or drink a glass of water. My charitable nature said 'buh bye'. I didn't fall of the wagon - I leaped off and caught the train in the opposite direction.

So all this 'feel sorry for myself' blather to tell you why I didn't blog. The reason why I fell off the wagon in such a commanding way. The reason why my pants are so tight. The reason, the reason, the reason.

But it's done and I am finally feeling like myself. And it's a new year! Happy New Year to my two readers. I turn 50 this year! Ahhhhhh.

The good news is when I weighed myself this morning with fear and trepidation I was the exact same weight I was in January 2011. This means that I didn't gain anything for a whole year. That would be good if I hadn't have lost around 20-25 lbs and then gained them all back. Argh. But still I am not heavier.

Here is the bad news. I have a show coming up in January. The first performance is the 20th I believe. I have to fit in the costumes I fit into in May 2011. These are desperate times people. Some of those dresses were tight on me then! I shudder at the thought. I'm going to look like a piece of sausage stuffed into some red satin with feathers. My worst nightmare could possibly come true.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. As you know deprivation is not my idea of fun. Neither is exercise in the 'one more, two more' sense. However I am going to take on both for the next three weeks or so. I am saying good by to my beloved carbohydrates for a few weeks. Good bye Carbs - I'll miss you. No bread. No grain. No starchy veggies. No dairy. No fun. And I'm pulling out some old exercise tapes and dusting them off. I may even put them in the Blu-Ray player and push play. Lets face it I have to do something. I don't recommend to others what I am doing. I prefer to do things simply - but it is what it is and I must do what I have to do. I do promise I won't do it for long. I'll go back to my healthy way of eating once I am feeling a little more comfortable in my own skin and not afraid to stand sideways or breathe on stage.

As far as my journey is concerned I'm going to stop making myself come up with something each week. I need to concentrate on the changes that I have made and put them into real action.  There are too many right now to keep adding. For instance today I was writing in my new 'to do' notebook - I give myself a new one each quarter - I was rewriting my goals etc. and I noticed one of the changes - eat slowly. I thought "Whoa. I forgot about that one." That's not right. What's the point of making a change if you can't keep them all in your head? So I'm going to simplify things a bit.

I'll continue to blog each week letting you know my progress. So let it be heard I'm on the road again. After all, it's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a New Year. And I'm feelin' fine.


01/02/2012 1:02am

Happy New Year Cayla!
I was thinking about you today, wondering if you were taking the day off Monday. I know you're not going to be sitting around.. maybe doing the 'Twist" in front of the Blueray. That would be fun!


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