Just so you know I did the rest of my shopping this morning - hit the farmer's market and got some great apples and nectarines - pesticide free. They look and taste fresh and fabulous.

I have again spent all my $150 for the week, but I got everything that I needed - or so I thought.

Tonight I made up a large quinoa salad with my fresh grape tomatoes and the black beans that I soaked and cooked. I'd give you the recipe, but I promised no quinoa recipes. Suffice to say it's rather good and makes a huge salad. We munch on it all week for lunches and snacks. So here's why it sucks.

I ate it for a quick dinner and it tasted funny. I thought that I had put too much lime zest in it and it had made it bitter. I thought "Great! No one else is going to eat this. Its awful."

Then I decided that I would use up some of the left over vegetables I had sitting around and throw together another salad - a marinaded salad of sorts with a homemade Italian dressing. I whisk together a dressing and give it a taste (thankfully) before pouring over the veggies. Bitter?? What? I make up another batch using a different vinegar. Bitter again. I am soooooo slow. Is it the Olive Oil? No. I just bought it. I've never had Olive Oil go rancid on me before. I use it up so fast. I open the bottle and taste a bit. Sure enough. Bitter.

I am so ticked. I've ruined several days worth of lunches, four freakin' limes, grape tomatoes a bunch of cilantro, three cups of quinoa and an avocado. Ticked doesn't even begin to describe it. And I feel sick. I'm sure it psychological but still. There's no money in the budget to replace the bottle. What am I to do?

Pffft. I say. Pffft.


09/04/2011 8:51pm

I don't think it counts if you have olive oil go rancid on you. Has it been that hot?? It's not cheating in my book if you get more olive oil. Really sucks that you'd already used so much of it in stuff that got ruined. : (


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